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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> i was scared. i quays very scared. >> denise: a 79-year-old woman describes her terrifying run in with a carjacker in the suburbs. and police are still how you can protect yourself coming up in just a minute. but first, the last of the rain has moved through. now get ready for a humming temperature -- a huge temperature change. >> romona: and make sure you bundle up heading out the door tomorrow. how cold will it get? jeff tanchak has the first alert. >> jeff: compared to the 62 we saw today, the last day of november, tomorrow is the first day of the meteorological winter,
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temperature here. just to prove to you of the rain this live scan on dop her max net -- doppler max network the rain has stopped and the temperature is dropping. the wind will be with us not only tonight, but through the day tomorrow. it is belly -- noticeably colder. it is in the form of a interest wither mix -- a winter mix setting up. it is a similar setting up. it is 38 in mansfield the next few hours. we will continue to drop by the time you get up tomorrow morning of the the windchill will make it feel colder than that and i will bring you up-to-date on the lake effect potential. ramone -- ramona? >> romona: police are looking for the suspects suspects who carjacked two women just miles
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to be. >> police tell us the victim's car went out to exchange information. he was caught stealing the car. she spoke with one person who was recovering. >> i fell on my right side. >> still sore after being thrown to the ground and carjacked last night. 79-year-old phyllis describes the scary scene that unfolded. >> the next thing i knew he ep oned the door full and then --y opened the door full and then you are ped me on the ground and gotten into the car and sped off . >> it began about 7:30 when she was taking things to a friend. a black suv rear-ended her car. >> then a man got out of the suv and he walked toward me
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make reparations because he probably bumped me. >> making uh -- amends is far from what happened. >> is this real? is this happening to me? >> reporter: she is not the only one who went through this scary ordeal. police 8 -- police say another woman called 9-1 h of 1 with the -- 9-1-1 with the same story. >> somebody hit me from behind and i got out to check the damage. then the person jumped in my are qua and car and drove away. >> reporter: if you are in an accident drive to a well-lit safe and crowded spot before getting out of your car. >> take a mental or written note of what the person looks like, license plate and make and model of the car. >> reporter: she may have lost her purse and her car, but she said she gained a new per spec titi >> a new perspective on life. >> this bang on the head will
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taking care of myself and being more aware. >> reporter: aside from some bumps and bruises. the 79-year-old says she is okay. beach -- beechwood police recovered the first person's car, but they are are looking for her blue mercedes and looking for the suspects. if you know anything call police. ramona? >> romona: all right, shelby. if you are are involved in a minor car accident police say to first check your rear view mirror to see who is you. if you spot something suspicious stay in your car and lock your doors. if a passenger gets out of the car instead of a driver the chances are something is up. >> denise: we are tracking breaking news in washington state. chris tanaka with more. >> chris: we just learned a tacoma police officer was shot multiple times while responding to a domestic violence call. the gunman is now surrounded in a house and a s.w.a.t team is on the scene along with
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investigators say the suspect may have fired at a police helicopter as it flew overhead as well. the officer who was shot is in surgery right now. we are waiting to hear how he is doing. >> chris: dozens of protesters have taken to the streets of charlotte, north carolina after it was announced charges would not be filed against the police officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott in september. at least two people have been arrested and except for a brief scuffle with police everything has reinmad remained relative he calm. >> chris: and they have extended their contract and avoided a lockout. the old was set to expire tonight at midnight. >> denise: tonight we learned the names of the victims of monday's attack at osu. and most of the victims range
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two oldest being a traffic officer and a professor. three were treated your broken bones and one had an internal injury. one was an army vellet -- veteran and he helped protect other when's he n could fronted the attacker. >> he started swinging a knife at people. he attacked someone to the right first and went to attack me and i grabbed the knife with my hand. >> anderson payne was you are ared into sur a rushed into surgery after the you -- attack to repair damage. he may have a permanently damaged happened. >> romona: the homes and businesses are only 10% contained and the rains will only help for a day or two because of the fires. several people have died because of the fire and it may climb higher because several people are still missing. the blaze has burned more than 15,000 acres of the great
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>> denise: a huge job for the apl. animal control officers just finished going through a home that was more like a farm. they seized more than 200 animals from one house. tiffani tucker with more on how they are trying to care for all of the animals at once. >> tiffani: an ma will control control -- animal control is removing this goat, one of more than chickens, roosters, a pig, rabbit and even a turkey taken from the backyard of a cleveland home on bailey road. some of the animals we are told are malnourished. >> reporter: it is normally a quiet community, but occasionally you would hear animal noises. >> what did you hear? >> the chickens clucking. >> we would wake up and hear
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i heard the pigs a couple times. >> reporter: officers are seen talking with the people at the home. people there didn't want to talk to us. >> we are dramatically overwhelmed right now. >> reporter: they say the agency has never seen anything like this. now they have the tedious task of tagging and documenting each and every animal. >> this is an example of farming gone wrong. some of the animals have been neglected. >> tiffani: they will reach out to other groups for help. they will look for violations as they continue their investigation and there could be possible fines. ramona? >> romona: a warning if you have an android device. millions have been hacked into.
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traced the security breeches back to apps that look real, but they are really a way for hackers to get your personal information. they recommend to only download apps from the official google play store in order to stay protected. >> denise: one school district is eliminating santa claus from its schools. parents are not happy. why administrators say the santa ban is staying. that's coming up. but first -- >> i would stand in the shower for hours. i really -- when i'm upset, that's what i do. >> it is something we all do, take a shower, but there is a danger lurking behind the curtain. answers on how you can protect your answers and your family. >> jeff: let's look at our feazel roof cam. 44 downtown. and in some cases we will start december while feeling
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live from cleveland's news center this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: a health alert the next time you take a long hot bath or shower. while it may melt away your stress it can also bring on a serious illness. >> denise: catherine bosley is getting answers about a lung
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common. >> reporter: this is an illness that remains a challenge to diagnose. doctors have so much to learn about it of the we are talking about a disease that feels like asthma, but it is really microorganisms from water that when turned into steam can breed in people's lungs. >> and on your cat scan you can see that you almost get a doily effect. >> reporter: we will never forget the time he came across ntm.>> that your body reacts bay hadly to -- reacts badly this is what it looks like. >> that's what it looked like when i went to him. it was 15 years ago when researchers were discovering april illness caused by a tiny microorganisms and then only thought to be this hot tub steam known as hot tub lung. now they are pointing at the average shower. >> these tiny bacteria, those
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atmosphere because of their size. they are that small. they get deep, deep into the lungs. >> for most the critters are not a problem. but for some who are unknowingly allergic to the bacteria it causes lethal lung inflammation that can take your breath away. while months of heavy antibiotics restored my lungs -- >> you don't have the strength to do anything. >> more people than ever are getting infected. >> i thought it would go away. >> and apparently not enough doctors know enough about it. she went to several complaining about the alarming symptoms. being out of breath and having a constant cough and rapidly losing weight before she got her diagnosis and treatment. and then there is mary lou who was infected with mtm so severely in 2 010 she has to use this device to clear her lungs. ironically she believes she got sick while trying to feel better.
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for hours. when i'm upset i take a hot, steamy shower. >> and a recent study shows it is middle age to older women who are taller and thinner who are most susceptible. no one knows exactly why. experts know the more treated our water is the more of this particular bacteria there is. while other pathogens are killed by chlorine microbacteria survives and thrives. it is resilient enough -- i can ped up. picked up. >> they estimate the presence in 27% of households. >> it has lots and lots of microbacteria. >> that explains the 30,000 new cases of microbacteria diseases in the u.s. each year. while strangely enough contaminated water is safe enough to drink and even cook with. people like mary lou and katie don't take their chances and they stick with bought tolled
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bottled water. >> there are so many things we look at that the ordinary person is not concerned. >> he says it is just smart even when you feel recovered. >> if you expose yourself again you will get it again. it is not as if you are cured from it and it is not like you are vaccinated against it. you will get it again. >> reporter: there are various treatments and most require several months if not years of antibiotics and some patients require surgery to remove damaged portions of their lungs. to see what you can do to avoid it check app. cleveland 19. >> denise: we have answers on how you can protect yourself and your family from getting sick. tiers set -- first set your water heater temperature to 140-degrees and that will kill any harmful bacteria. you may get burned so be careful. regularly remove and soak your shower heads in bleach or any germ-killing cleaner. avoid hot tubs and steam rooms. >> romona: more and more low
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advantage of a new program that offers diapers at a discount. nearly one in three families struggle to afford them. low income families spend 14% of their salary on diapers. there is no federal aid program to help them out. nonprofit groups are offering them a chance to buy at wholesale costs. another reason diapers are so expensive is they are subject to sales tax including in ohio. they are considered a luxury item. the thank you pam new program expects to provide 10 million diapers this year alone. >> a school district in oregon has told its teachers no the to use any images of santa claus in their holiday decorations or parties. the administrators say they want their students to feel comfortable in the classroom regardless of culture or religious beliefs. and the new rule goes for any
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bogus. >> we believe in santa and they should be i able to celebrate it. >> if you put a cross on there it is one thing, but santa is more folklore. >> we did some digging and found several other school districts in that state have the same no santa policy. it just wouldn't be christmas without santa for me. >> romona: it is always something. >> jeff: just like the weather. it is always something. especially this time of year. >> denise: what a change. it felt colder. >> jeff: the next week we will be dealing with a lot of changes. right now we are down and the wind has picked up. we have a 24-mile an hour wind in mentor and especially along the lakeshore it is gusty, theater 6. 36.
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an inch of rain in many spots. these showers and even thunder and lightning with this. we had a lightning strike if cleveland and one in mentor. we got a report of lightning around a brunswick as this was coming through. i'm sure we had other spots that saw thunder and lightning. that's over with and it is a cloudy sky and windy and here comes the chill. we are down to 36 in chicago and 37 in grand rapids. obviously the colder air is making a move. it is not super cold. upper 30s to low 40s throughout the day and the wind will make it feel colder. also with the gusty west wind the lake effect will set up. now most areas it is a pretty small chance of a few showers perhaps mixing with some sleet. as you get along the lakeshore and east of cleveland throughout the day and i'll
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at 7:00 along the lakeshore a little bit of rain and sleet pellets and it is minor. that's the case tomorrow, friday and saturday for that matter of the -- for that matter. you get the idea. it is cold enough to happen and even tomorrow night. here is 10:00 tomorrow evening. could see a little rain, sleet and snow. that's what we call a winter mix. sunday night this is a system mix. it might get a little dusting of snow in the higher terrain with that. we will be tracking that for you later this weekend. overnight the rain is done. windy and 39 is the low. weather impact is an easy one. cloudy sky and could see a little rain along the lakeshore. 39 for the morning commute. 41 for the high. that's a problem right there that wind gusting over 30.
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with some sleet and snow with that high of 41. 41 at 11:00 a.m. and 41 at 2:00. akron-canton, a minor winter mix. not much more tap that. more than that. friday is 40. there is the light winter mix on saturday. it is 39 degrees. over the weekend saturday is looking dry and dropping down to 33. sunday an alert afternoon and ni when a system will be around containing a winter mix. mostly cloudy and 45. tuesday is 45 as well and a bigger warm up by the next part of next week. back to the desk. >> in case you haven't heard jason nicholas is joining us here at cleveland twine teen news. 19 news. >> i will be back on monday for the real thing. and jeff is sticking around a. he is not going anywhere. we have a great team.
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i am still getting everything situated. i have been around a few months, but not being on television you get rusty. raw ray you it is not -- >> romona: it is not like riding a bike. >> actually it is. when i get to the weather wall it is, but here it is different. >> denise: and you will be on what times? >> in the afternoon 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, we do so many. the mobile app we were looking at so pretty much everywhere jeff and i will be your team as we head afternoon. we are half an hour or so from the official start of winter. a good time to be here. >> romona: and you are from medina county. >> medina. i am a local guy and been here many years and decided to come over and keep you company. >> denise: i have to ask you the cleveland question. what nationality are you? >> i love that question. i am a little half and half. i am half greek, thank you,
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mom. >> romona: i did greek dancing with him earlier. >> i was if ramona's room earlier. >> denise: just as long as you were -- weren't drinking in there. >> romona: jim brown is getting a special award. tony has his take on why today's athletes avoid speaking out on issues like the back did. >> get breaking news and weather on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the
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now, this is ther is pen -- this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> tony: years ago they teamed
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rights and against the vietnam war. today sports illustrated named brown, russell and kareem the recipients of the muhammad ali sports award. it made me think who today would take that stance? clearly lebron has taken center stage to tackle certain things including the espys. >> it is time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what are we doing to create change. >> tony: everybody agrees with that stance. of course i am not selling it it was great he did it. it was not the case for brown and ali and others years ago. colin kaepernick thrust himself into the middle of a powder keg when he stopped standing for the national anthem in protest of social injustice. whether or not you agree with kaepernick's right to do that is not my point. he had a ton to lose. even jim brown said i wouldn't have done that,ing even though brown said i -- even though he p ared the cause.
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popular and neither is change. that's my take. i would love to hear yours. tweet it to me or find me at facebook at tony zarrella 19. how go are the cowboys ? they have woodley knocking on their door. >> what's up, man? >> tony: they are headed to florida for the national championships. they are 12 and under and they joined me on the sports extra. >> this is the same group that went to theio ago as the 10 under. >> yes, sir, went down there and took fourth place. we were missing five starters and that will haunt us, but we are ready to win it all. >> tony: the fact you can do this twice in a three-year span, what are you doing? >> the time and the love and the effort. it is not just football. we are family. >> tony: that was great having them in the studio.
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pictures. row row it was my -- >> romona: it was my pleasure.
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>> denise: get the heavier coat again. >> jeff: it is brisk. and it will be that way in the morning. main he dry. we have the hourlies for you. the upper 30s to start things off. windchill will make it feel even colder. a little lake effect and winter mix here. pretty minor stuff tomorrow, friday and saturday. temperatures within a degree or two of 40. >> denise: were you just
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look really down is there it's just-- look, can i ask a question? >> of course,. >> stephen: i've been fighting this one zombie pretty seriously for months and he has never once tried to eat my brain or rip out my guts. i guess what i'm asking is how do you know when a zombie is into you? >> stephen, what zombie wouldn't want to eat your flesh? >> stephen: i am well marbled-- >> besides, if this zombie doesn't want to tear off your face, you know what? there are plenty of zombies in the sea. >> stephen: really, they're in


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